MDV understands the challenges faced by start-ups who require flexible funding for liquidity assurance to ensure sustainability of their business operations. To address this, the MDV LIFTS aims to provide immediate, affordable and targeted cash flow support to VCs or Government agency-backed technology start-ups for their working capital & business development requirements via a cash line facility. MDV LIFTS will be available for application from February 2021 onwards.


Why MDV Liquidity Financing for Tech Start-ups?


Key Features

Alleviate short-term cash flow and funding problems faced by Technology Start-ups

Purpose of Financing: Working Capital & Business Expansion

Facility Type: Cashline with semi-annual roll-over

Financing Rate: Up to 3.50% p.a.

Financing Tenure: Up to three (3) years subject to annual review

Financing Limit: Up to RM2.5million.

Warrant Cover: Up to 10% of financing limit at last funding round equity price

Security*: Personal guarantee and debenture

Fees & Cost*: No additional fees and costs. Legal fees can be drawn down from the facility


Company Eligibility

Malaysian Technology Start-ups backed by venture capital companies and government agencies. Additionally, Technology Start-ups within portfolio of government agencies will be given priority; and

Majority owned by Malaysian or majority of the staff are Malaysians or majority of revenue generated in Malaysia.


Application Process


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